“If you’re into a moody, booming, folk-rich voice that grabs your soul, Rory Taillon is my recommendation. His lyrics will take you on a journey through angst, loneliness and love. Download “Drifting” as your next rainy-day playlist.”

Kristina Svana
His Instagram sums him up: Rory Taillon is a singer, beer drinker and beard owner. He’s also a super-talented songwriter. With lyrics like this (from the song “Float”), we’re anticipating big things to come: “It’s so hard to just dip a toe in, Sometimes I just want to swim, Let wave after
wave crash over me, Hold my breath and jump in.”

Check him out:


“My favourite local singer is Daniel Caesar. His mellow R&B vibes calm my nerves, and his
tunes are a pleasure to listen to during any task. Plus, we share the same hometown — Oshawa. Who wouldn’t want to support a homegrown rising star?”

Melanie Marler
Senior Design Lead, Creative Spark

Daniel Caesar’s a big deal. Not only is he a genius when it comes to writing emotional tunes, but his unique voice just hits different (as the kids say). His debut album was released in 2017, and since, his music has been streamed millions of times, he’s taken home a Juno and a Grammy, and he’s collaborated with big names in the biz (hello, Justin Bieber).

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“My favourite is Protest The Hero, a metal band from Whitby. I love their frenetic energy, their wild riffs and they have an amazing vocalist. They never disappoint in their songwriting.”

Zach Deleon
Technical Coordinator, Synergy Lab

The band effortlessly balances high-minded artistry with wit and whimsy, substantive viewpoints with wanton tomfoolery and masterful musicianship with true songcraft,” says Protest The Hero’s site, and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The band has released six albums; their latest album, “Palimpsest” is available now. The “Halloween is for Always” tour is coming later this fall.

Check them out:


Illustration Credit: iStock/Ekaterina Vakhrameeva.

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