On 369 Global

We’re an international group of companies in education, finance, creative, healthcare and venture capital sectors that really centres the potential, power and prosperity of newcomers and their families and businesses. In our increasingly porous marketplace, we firmly believe that innovative local businesses built on sound fundamentals can transcend borders.

On the inspiration to start Global 369

I was inspired by the talented people I saw as I travelled the world. Understanding and seeing firsthand their talents inspired me to create an organization that provided a fertile platform for global talent to excel internationally. Whether its immigrants or businesses coming into Canada or businesses looking to scale, we connect talent.

On the hurdles he faced

There’s no straight path to entrepreneurship and everyone faces different hurdles. I was blessed because I was able to apprentice under my father, who created many businesses in different parts of the world, and I was able to learn from my mistakes under his watch. My biggest hurdle when I was trying to get 369 Global and its subsidiaries off the ground was that I didn’t really know Toronto because I mostly grew up in Winnipeg. So going about building my own group of mentors, partners, colleagues and supporters was perhaps my biggest hurdle.

On his biggest successes so far

I’m most proud of the fact that 369 Global continues to exemplify what it means to build and grow Main Street businesses where we can show that diversity, equity and inclusion need not be performative; it can practically and powerfully help to build respectful and meritorious workplaces that are devoted to being socially conscious and profitable.

On what’s next for 369 Global

Expansion, expansion, expansion. Our slogan is, “From Canada, the world — and back” so while we continue to focus on strengthening our fundamentals in Canada, we are always thinking, ideating and manifesting more of what we want to do abroad. We are especially interested in South and Southeast Asia, Africa and the Middle East. I foresee myself being on the road a lot this year!

On his early mentors

My very first mentor remains my favourite — my father. This man showed me (without saying much — he’s a man of few words!) how to build a life without fear or doubt and to have a vision for a future. Appa showed me at a very young age how to take a dream and make it a reality.

On what he’s currently reading

I’m currently reading Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World. Genghis Khan was a third culture kid who thought differently and changed the world.

On his best and worst habits

Our best and worst habits are sometimes two sides of the same coin. I’m incredibly thankful for my creativity. But it can be a burden too. I’m always coming up with new ideas and drawing new connections, which can be challenging even for those closest to me to understand.

On his daily must-haves

I’m running the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon so running is definitely in my daily routine these days. Writing is also a mainstay. I also crave meaningful conversation with my wife, Dasha; my kids Sofia and Leonardo; my father; a sibling or a business partner or friend.

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