On First30

We’re an HR tech company that believes in technology’s power to enable human connection. We have developed a software platform that automates aspects of the employee onboarding experience. We help businesses get new hires off to a great start, which drives engagement and productivity.

On her inspiration to start First30

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. After almost 20 years in the corporate world running employee and consumer research, I developed a deep understanding of the employee experience. It seemed so unbelievable to me that so many businesses could be getting the employee experience so wrong. Businesses just have to be willing to be intellectually curious, and to make an investment. That investment pays off when you can retain your workforce.

On the hurdles she faced

First30 started as an outplacement business. We still run our career transition program for businesses who are laying off staff. We help their exiting employee recover from the job loss and get back to work. It’s tough to only be an outplacement company. You’re continually linked to bad news. I’m a pretty positive person and this didn’t fit my personal brand. We pivoted in 2021 to build our onboarding program and we haven’t looked back!

On her leadership style

I want to work with the very best people, and I’m entirely flexible — if that means working with someone who’s got a side hustle, or a parent who needs to stay home with their kids, that’s no problem. As long as we’re doing great work for our clients, that’s what matters.

On her biggest business success so far

The feedback from our first on-boarding client was a game-changer. The employee satisfaction with the onboarding experience went from 57 percent satisfaction to 94 percent. After piloting in Canada, they decided to roll out the program to additional markets.

On what’s next for First30

We’re going to focus on producing engaging and content rich webinars, and we’ll soon be launching a podcast all about strategies to retain and engage employees. We know this credibility will lead to more opportunities to work with clients across North America.

On advice for new entrepreneurs

Make sure you’re solving a problem that exists, that you have a great product and you’re driving awareness and trust with expert content. Don’t expect overnight success.

On her mentor

John Kearon, the founder and CEO of System1 Group. John built a business from nothing, and he’s an extremely engaging person and a complex thinker who is always in growth mode. John made me believe building a business was possible.

On what she’s currently reading

The Light We Carry by Michelle Obama and A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin.

On her best and worst habits

I love to exercise, so I’m on the rower three or four times a week, and I’m an incredibly attentive dog owner so I always get Riker, my much-loved Doberman, out for long walks. But I’m also pretty focused on my business, and sometimes it’s hard to think about anything else.

On her daily must-haves

Coffee, LinkedIn and a walk with Riker.

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