About Cup of Té

Cup of Té is a luxury looseleaf tea company that strives to bring organic and delicious teas directly to your doorstep. We are more than just a tea company; we are an experience and a lifestyle.

Her Inspiration

I was inspired to start Cup of Té after having difficulty securing a sponsor for my podcast, Tea Time with Tay. I decided to start my own tea company as I have always been passionate about tea. I also saw it as an opportunity to create generational wealth for my family.

The Hurdles She's Faced

I had never taken a business course, so diving into a business headfirst was quite the undertaking. Additionally, having a disability made navigating my already challenging lifestyle even harder. The pandemic had its challenges, but it also allowed us to deliver our product straight to people’s doors, as we already had the infrastructure set up in a capacity greater than some of our competitors.

The Type of Leader She Is

My leadership style is collaborative. I am constantly asking my employees how we can collectively improve the company, which creates a welcoming and wellrounded environment.

Her Biggest Business
Success So Far

Oprah’s favourite things list in 2020 was a game-changer for Cup of Té, and has led to many other collaborations — including the Grammys and Oscars gift bags!

Her Mentor

My mom has always been my mentor through her example. She has shown me time and time again that she can genuinely manifest and create the life she desires for herself and her family through endless hard work.

What She's Currently Reading

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Her Best and Worst Habits.

My best habit is my dedication to journaling, and my worst habit is staying up past midnight every night.

Her Daily Must-Haves

A morning Cup of Té, phone, music and a nighttime Cup of Té. (Of course!)

What’s Next for Cup of Té

Our store. We recently soft-launched our first retail location and café, and we are hoping to have a successful hard launch in the coming weeks.

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