We really support innovators. That’s what it all comes down to, and it’s truly what Synergy Lab does best. International entrepreneurs, we’re talking to you — if you haven’t already heard about us, welcome to Synergy Lab. Let’s get acquainted.
Synergy Lab is a vital part of the Eastern Ontario innovation ecosystem, and we work with government and municipalities, academic institutions, and innovation hubs to support your growth. We partner with Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants and Immigration Lawyers to provide entrepreneurs from near and far with specialized programming and services to support their transition to becoming a full-fledged Canadian business. (Familiar with the Start-Up Visa program? That’s our forte.)

My immigration consultant was instrumental in helping me navigate the Start-Up Visa process. She was always available to answer my questions about the process and proposed a strategy to shorten the time when I’d be eligible to work in Canada.”
Stephen Krajcer, Cuore Platform

The community here in Ontario — and especially in Durham Region — is robust and my colleagues at Synergy Lab are here to assist. We’re passionate about our mission, which is to help international innovators and businesses come to Canada to grow their businesses and prosper.
There’s so much to love about this country and what it offers, and we have seen it so many times before: An entrepreneur from halfway around the world relocates their business to our country and thrives. In fact, here at Synergy Lab, we have helped more than 300 companies from over 17 countries to grow and thrive.
One of the things we do best is pair entrepreneurs with immigration consultants, and lawyers to assist in making the transition to Canada as easy and seamless as possible. We value the relationship with our immigration experts — they can often determine the best business immigration program and pathways to support international entrepreneurs.
Jade Calver is a regulated Canadian immigration consultant from Calver Immigration Consulting Inc. A valued partner of Synergy’s, she says using a legal representative in an entrepreneur’s application gives them the ability to focus on what’s most important in a Start-Up Visa application — their business. “By using an immigration expert to prepare your application, you can be at ease knowing you have someone looking out for your interests as a businessperson here. Synergy’s strategic location in the Durham Region, along with its specialized staff, make it our preferred program for those looking to bring their business to Canada.”

I faced many challenges developing my startup but I surrounded myself with the right professionals to achieve success when entering the Canadian business field. Our legal advisers and Synergy’s programs gave me many advantages during our business incubation through the Start-up Visa Program in order to implement my vision for the future of the company.”
Alan Tam, Intelligent Motion

Alexandre Bernier, a lawyer from Synergy partner Mandeville & Associates, told me, “Combined with our first-class legal expertise and a full range of excellent strategic services provided by Synergy Lab, we help international entrepreneurs put together strong immigration cases, streamline communications with regulatory authorities, navigate an evolving business landscape in Canada and provide full support every step of the way.”

Wondering where to start when it comes to making this incredible life-changing move? Get in touch with us today and we’ll help steer you in the right direction. You can find us at synergylab.ca, (+1) 289-481-0225 or i[email protected]. Let’s get started making your dreams in Canada come true.

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