Her inspiration, challenges and exciting milestones.

About X-Tinguisher

X-Tinguisher has been a Canadian-owned company in Bolton, Ont., since 2015. Our biodegradable and commercially neutral pH products are locally developed and specifically formulated for deep cleaning and elimination of tough smoke odours, soot and more from everything from first responder turnout gear (PPE, SCBA straps, boots, gloves and helmets) to fire hoses, vehicle interiors and more.

Her Inspiration

My husband is a firefighter, and when he would come home after fighting large fires, his skin, clothing and hair would smell like smoke for a week! Knowing that firefighters are often exposed to heavy toxic smoke, carcinogens and cancer-causing chemicals, I developed a non-toxic, multi-purpose laundry product, odour eliminators and cleaning products that effectively and safely decontaminate, deodorize, clean and neutralize PPE and firefighter turnout gear.

Her Biggest Challenges

One of the biggest challenges was breaking into the fire service industry to offer products that didn’t previously exist and changing the mindset of upper management around health and safety. Creating brand awareness and proof of concept were also challenging, especially during COVID-19, when it was difficult to meet in person.

X-Tinguisher has expanded its line of products specifically for the theatre and costume industry.
Her Greatest Milestone (with More to Come!)

X-Tinguisher Premium Laundry Detergent recently became the first of its kind to receive the respected, accredited and highly trusted Underwriter Laboratories (UL) verified mark as a Biological Decontamination Detergent with Advanced Cleaning Characteristics (NFPA 1851).

On New Developments

In addition to our flagship products, we’ve created more items tailored to the health and wellness of firefighters and first responders. These include our Health Canada and FDA-approved first responder supplements that boost immune support, lung health and stress control; a pocket-sized instant smoke odour elimination spray cleaner; and more.

Her Advice for Entrepreneurs

First and foremost, make sure there is a market for your business and that you are solving a problem. Then surround yourself with a solid team and give your business 150 percent.

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