Innovative and inclusive financial solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Peterborough Community Savings (PCS) has been supporting the banking needs of individuals and businesses in the surrounding communities for more than 80 years. Since 2016, ^CS has been a division of Alterna Savings. Together, PCS and Alterna strive to offer innovative solutions and products to entrepreneurs and business owners to help them build and scale their enterprises. Lee Galley is the owner of The Market, a small independent grocery store in Lakefield, Ont., that features fresh local producers and brands. Lee has been a business member of PCS/Alterna since opening The Market 18 years ago.

“I started my own business in 1994 and chose Peterborough Community Savings as my financial partner because of their personalized service, low rates and small-town atmosphere,” says Lee. “PCS, a division of Alterna Savings, has been with me every step of the way, and I would recommend them to entrepreneurs and small business owners alike.” Business owners and entrepreneurs who choose Alterna Savings gain a solid financial partner committed to helping them achieve their financial and business dreams. They also join a cooperative organization dedicated to strengthening the communities by investing locally and continually looking for innovative ways to serve business members. Being a small or medium business owner comes with unique challenges that need specialized solutions. Alterna has a wealth of experience providing professional advice and products specifically designed for small and medium businesses.

Cash flow is a consideration for any business, and it’s helpful to have a little extra wiggle room for monthly expenses or as a buffer against the unexpected. Alterna’s line of credit, business credit card and overdraft protection give business owners peace of mind when managing the ins and outs of day-to-day expenses. Bigger capital purchases may be more suited to term loans, or if a business is growing, a mortgage can help organizations find a place that gives them room to expand.

Conversely, there may be times when businesses have cash on hand. Why not put those funds to work? Alterna’s Financial Advisory Services group are financial experts who can help companies find cash management solutions to increase their economic success.

Beyond day-to-day banking services, companies need to be able to offer customers the convenience of paying with their credit or debit cards. Alterna understands the business needs for payment acceptance and offers small business members the excellent services of Global Payments.

Alterna’s award-winning Community Micro-finance Program works within communities to address socio-economic inequity by creating opportunities for financial independence and breaking down barriers to banking for those often excluded from financing.

Micro-finance Program
  • Up to $25K for entrepreneurs
  • An opportunity to participate in the Alterna /BDC Joint Loan Program, providing additional financing of up to $25K through BDC for Women Entrepreneurs, Black Entrepreneurs and Social Entrepreneurs
  • A built-in micro-savings component to bolster resilience
Focus segments include:
  • Black entrepreneurs
  • Low-income earners
  • New Canadians
  • Skilled professionals and trade professionals
  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Women entrepreneurs
In addition to funding, Alterna also offers support through ongoing coaching, business planning and networking. The goal is to help members of the micro-finance program grow into self-sufficient business owners who contribute to the economic growth of our collective community through poverty alleviation, wealth creation and financial inclusion.

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