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On geekspeak Commerce.

It’s an e-commerce services agency focused on helping our clients sell more online with product content, data services and custom e-commerce programs and solutions. We enable companies to succeed in the online channel, which is increasingly important, especially given the rate at which e-commerce has grown and continues to grow.


On his “a-ha” moment.

geekspeak started off as a one-person writing company. I had a contract with the Ontario Ministry of Family Services as a technical writer, writing about software they were releasing within the ministry. I quickly realized there was a market for people with this technical writing skill set. I had worked for ad agencies in Toronto previous to that, and so I knew where copywriting fit in, and the fact that taglines helped sell products. In that moment, I realized I could build a firm around this technical copywriting expertise.



On great business advice.

Always be prepared to pivot. Understand that ideas need to change, and they need to change quickly.


On current reads.

Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. It’s a futuristic philosophy that dives into what life would look like once we’ve conquered things like war, famine and disease as a species. It’s very interesting.


On best assets.

I don’t think there’s anything I or my team can’t do. I have a strong belief in our ideas, and I know we can achieve them.


On worst habits.

Having the patience to let ideas work themselves through to fruition is something I see as an opportunity to work on.




On love for the team.

I get to work with people of so many different skillsets and backgrounds, and everyone brings a different component to the team due to the nature of the work we do.


On office life.

Our office in Whitby is actually a former nightclub that we transformed into a really unique office space. Everything from the artwork to the equipment to the private workspaces we’ve built are awesome. All I ever have on my desk is my notebook, phone and laptop. I like to keep my desk very clear because it helps me think in an uncluttered way. You may find parts of my office space cluttered, but you’re not going to find much other than the essentials on my desk.


On must-haves.

Other than the people in my life, I would say the technology pieces that are always in reach. I generally like to be pretty connected, even on the weekends, so tech is a big part of my life both from a consumer and a business standpoint. 

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