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revamping the information
technology space.

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and there’s plenty of need for advancement and innovation when it comes to information technology (IT) and where it can be applied to educate, protect and propel society forward.

Toronto-based Data H is doing just that by optimizing science discoveries through the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) companies. With companies ranging from robotics to assist with day-to-day logistics, to AI-powered human behaviour analysis cameras protecting 150,000 lives, to new technology that will revolutionize the diagnosis of endometriosis (a condition that affects 10 percent of women worldwide) and more, the team at Data H know all about keeping on top of trends. 

“The biggest benefit of AI is when it complements human abilities. We are still far from an AI generally capable of understanding all of the challenges that the world imposes on us, but working together with human beings can help us discover new treatments, assist in surgery, space exploration, maintenance and even education,” says Evandro Barros, founder and CEO of Data H.

Currently, Data H is working on intelligence that would be capable of managing their companies and raising Ebtida to levels never seen before by reducing the need for human intervention.

Pickering-based GroundLevel Insights (GLI) is another startup that understands how AI is capable of re-
shaping the world, and they’re using AI and data science to empower companies to make informed decisions.

As a highly responsive and data-
driven organization, GLI acquires information from a wide range of sources, from IoT sensors and CCTV, to cellular networks, Google Maps and social media among others, in order to provide valuable real-time consumer movement data, competitive analysis, industry reports, global trends and more.

Assisting clients in fields ranging from cannabis to government, GLI is able to provide a comprehensible dashboard that interprets the extensive raw data into actionable insights.

Whether you’re a restaurant needing insights as to how to bring customers back or a retailer looking to manage your company’s potential, GLI can translate the data that matters.

The world we live in gets more complex each day, and it’s technological advances such as the solutions provided by Data H and GroundLevel Insights that are working to untangle the complexities and make the future look that much brighter.

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