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Meet the one-stop shop that is streamlining online retail with smart tech solutions.

The team at geekspeak Commerce is fluent in the language of online retail. The Whitby-based crew of designers, data specialists, developers, and editors provide everything from photography and video to infographics and product descriptions. They’re basically a support partner for companies who are interested in growing their online channels, says founder and chief strategist Isaac Wanzama.

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geekspeak Commerce works with brands like McCain and New Balance, and retailers including Walmart, Home Hardware, and Staples. A lot of their companies sell on Amazon, so they create content specifically for that platform and also provide support on the mega-site’s advertising side. But their clients aren’t only big businesses, says Wanzama. “We work with some small local companies as well. We are part of the growing business community and innovation community in Durham, and that’s something we’re very proud of.”

When geekspeak Commerce launched in 2003, they mainly supported traditional marketing, but as eCommerce became a more important channel, the company pivoted to focus more on the online market. “We were definitely one of the first agencies in Canada to do that, from a service standpoint,” says Wanzama. And as they refined their business services, they developed more technology along the way, helping to innovate the
way companies they work with sell online.

“We are part of the growing innovation community in Durham, and that’s something we’re very proud of.”

One of the first tools geekspeak Commerce developed is an AI-driven system that uses machine learning to create content. “You can put in the attributes for what you’re selling — sizes, colours and all that — and the application, Ginnie, will create a description you can put on your Shopify site,” says Wanzama. They’re also currently rolling out a tool called Skuwity that does digital shelf monitoring. In other words, it does analysis and reporting of what’s on a retailer’s digital “shelves,” automatically keeping tabs on the accuracy of product descriptions, inventory and more. The application will also compare unit pricing against competitors, to make sure a brand is making good decisions about their product price points. And it can do it quickly and efficiently, whether there are 50 or 5,000 of them.

This type of innovation is at the heart of what the company does. Creating new applications and streamlining existing systems is essential, says Wanzama. “We’re always looking for ways that technology can not only make our job easier, to help our team collaborate and work together more efficiently, but also to help our customers to serve their customers in a better way,” he says.

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