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FPrimeC impact echo device used to help find imperfections in concrete
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This Oshawa-based firm is offering non-destructive concrete testing solutions for structural inspection, condition assessment and quality control. 

You can replace something that’s broken, or you can focus on prevention and help make things last. That’s the philosophy behind FPrimeC Solutions — an engineering technology firm that specializes in using non-destructive methods to assess and maintain large structural assets like concrete tanks, bridges and dams. FPrimeC allows engineers to test the strength and quality of these assets without using invasive, time-consuming, traditional methods. Their innovative technology eliminates the need for excessive cutting and coring, which can improve worker safety while reducing the downtime on these valuable assets.

Business partners Hamed Layssi and Farid Moradi launched FPrimeC Solutions in October 2015. By 2017, they had launched their first product and now, FPrimeC has customers in more than 30 countries around the globe. FPrimeC has won several accolades, including the Spark OPG Ignite Award. Their consumer base includes asset owners in transportation, power and municipal settings, as well as consulting businesses and construction companies.

“Since we’re a compact and highly technical team, we often act as a third party, assisting our customers with complex problems,” Layssi says, noting that they often provide support on infrastructure projects. Working with FPrimeC Solutions allows customers to quickly and effectively identify issues in aging concrete in order to better maintain large assets. They achieve this by offering a variety of engineering services as well as advanced non-destructive testing products. Essentially, FPrimeC assessment technologies can find problems hidden below the surface, enabling customers to make repairs at an early stage.

FPrimeC’s first product on the market was iPile, a wireless integrity testing instrument that performs low strain testing of deep foundations and piles to assist with quality control. Later, they introduced Impact-Echo, the first and only wireless impact-echo testing instrument that assesses thin concrete assets.

Working with FPrimeC Solutions allows customers to quickly and effectively identify issues in aging concrete in order to better maintain large assets. 

“Both my business partner and I have a passion for finding breakthrough technologies. We’re trying to change the landscape of inspection and maintenance,” Layssi says. While he describes civil engineering as the backbone of the company, FPrimeC employs a broad range of professionals including electrical engineers, structural engineers and geotechnical engineers. The company is heavily invested in research and development, having partnered with engineering departments at several post-secondary institutions in Ontario and Quebec.

Looking ahead, the FPrimeC Solutions team hopes to transition from single package products and services to a subscription-based business model that provides customers with valuable access to their assessment technology. Over time, Layssi and Moradi hope to shift the industry toward a maintenance mindset that’s less wasteful and more cost-effective. “What we are really trying to do, especially within the landscape of Canadian construction, is change the culture,” Layssi says. “We’re moving toward preventative maintenance. It helps asset owners come up with solutions that are more cost-effective and now, we’re trying to shift our technology to focus on preventative maintenance based on data sensors and analysis.”

It’s a big job, but it sounds like FPrimeC is up for the challenge.

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