Adamson Susyems Engineering Thirsty Years Inside Business photo
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Meet the company dominating the global stage with their
loudspeaker technology and innovative manufacturing approach

Adamson Susyems Engineering Thirsty Years Inside Business photo

As Canada’s most recognized professional audio brand, Adamson Systems Engineering manufactures and exports loudspeaker technology for the premium pro-audio sector. Global tours and festivals, as well as installations in some of the most prestigious venues around the world, have been their mainstay for more than 30 years. The professional electronics and loudspeaker systems designed, developed and manufactured by Adamson are at the cutting edge of technology.

With technology protected by roughly 30 patents, innovation has always been Adamson’s focus. Whether it’s been through product geometries or material selection, the results are distinct and have set the company apart in system design and performance (plus all of the technologies are developed in Durham Region!).

Adamson’s innovative approach is reflected in the Port Perry, Ontario, headquarters and manufacturing facility, which is structured as a mixed mode operation, with the primary operations being parts and assembly production. In this computer numerical control (CNC) and semi-automated area, laser-cut sheet metal, multi-spindle turning and palletized machining centres are complemented by welding, powder coating and other proprietary processes. Cabinetry is produced on a multi-tool — multi-spindle CNC machinery and a subsequent paint line. Secondary manufacturing includes various assembly lines, an electronics production facility and the final product assembly and quality control lines. Finished goods are shipped to more than 70 countries.

Adamson’s top-down philosophy of inspiration and innovation was spearheaded by founder and president Brock Adamson, and as he says, “Rapid prototyping requires the best software and machinery combined with the luxury of space. Space was the real motivation in placing the headquarters away from the auditory distractions of major highways and industrial noise. […] Our production philosophy, from the acquisition of real estate to the construction of infrastructure, hinges on the vertical integration of the manufacturing and engineering processes.”

Since the best examples of vertical integration are found in other industries, Adamson has consistently integrated concepts and processes from automotive, aerospace and other technology development and manufacturing companies. This approach is not only unique to Canadian audio manufacturing, but globally, as there are no manufacturers of loudspeaker technology managing all these elements under one roof. Embracing this vision better equips the company to deal with every aspect of their position in pro audio and leverage both their infrastructure and intellectual property to adjust fluidly to market change.

Looking forward, “Technology convergence will determine the future direction and shape of the entire audio ecosystem,” says Adamson. “In the technology that we use, firmware, software and hardware platforms have shown us how fluid they have become. Merging amplifier power, signal processing, system management and the loudspeaker, the resulting systems become a testament to the raw impact of technology convergence.”

Adamson has long embraced the reality of convergence, observing the parallels found in the convergence of mobile phones, email, text, video, internet and cameras all on a single hand-held platform, and applying these realities across the product range. They are currently updating facilities to streamline continuous flow and improve output, and are well positioned with staff, inventory and capacity to step up rapidly in the post-pandemic world.

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