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We have engaged in discussions with Health Canada to advocate for veterinarians to authorize the use of cannabis through the medical vertical.
On Grey Wolf’s backstory.

Grey Wolf Animal Health is a specialty animal health company focused on improving the lives and well-being of vets and pets in Canada. Our mission is to identify and bring to market products, solutions, and services that meet the underserved needs of vets, pets, and clinics across Canada.

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On cannabis as an option for pets.

Many human patients have looked to cannabis for a more plant-based, non-pharmaceutical approach to many ailments such as pain, arthritis, anxiety, and cognitive-behavior issues. For many pet parents, similar problems exist in their four-legged friends. As Canadians choose alternatives for themselves, they are also looking for natural options for their pets.

On Grey Wolf’s advocacy in ending the stigma and legitimizing cannabis.

Grey Wolf Animal Health has taken this opportunity to educate veterinarians on the potential use of cannabis as another “tool in our therapeutic tool chest” to potentially address many different ailments in both dogs and cats. We have also engaged in discussions with Health Canada to advocate for veterinarians to authorize the use of cannabis through the medical vertical. Currently, veterinarians can prescribe any cannabis products that are 
registered as prescription drugs but cannot authorize its use through the medical route. Veterinarians are frustrated because many of the drugs we use every day are drugs that are not licensed for animals. 
At least half of our anesthetics that 
are used for common procedures such as spays, neuters or dentals are 
human prescription drugs. This is common and legal practice in our profession, without our ability to use human drugs off-label, many animals would 
not be able to be treated for common diseases like cancer, chronic pain, or severe epilepsy.


On Grey Wolf’s future.

As Health Canada evaluates the potential for cannabis products in animal health, Grey Wolf Animal Health will continue to support research and the advocacy work toward a legal path for the use of Cannabis based products in Canada. We are hopeful that veterinarians will be able to access cannabis products in the near future.

Keep Your Pets Safe

“It is important that pet owners keep their cannabis products safely out of reach of their pets at all times. This is especially important for edible cannabis products which can be very appealing to pets. Many edibles may also contain cocoa, chocolate, or xylitol (an artificial sweetener), all of which are highly toxic to dogs, and add to the severity of the problem. 
It is also important that pet owners understand that veterinary professionals need to know if your pet has potentially been exposed to cannabis (or other recreational or non-recreational drugs) in order to effectively diagnose and treat them. Many pet owners are reluctant to admit to the possession or possible exposure of their pets because of concern for prosecution or retribution, but this can lead to wasted time and money, as well as unnecessary suffering or death for the pet. If your pet is showing unusual neurological signs such as excessive sleepiness, difficulty walking, urinary leakage, seizures, loss of consciousness, or inability to stand, please seek veterinary care immediately, and be upfront with your vet regarding any possible exposure to cannabis or any other intoxicants.”

— Dr. Christina McRae, Humane Society of Durham Region veterinarian

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