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#2: of 12 Cannabis Innovators We’re Watching That Are Killing It In All Things Weed

Tell us about the company.

The demand for cannabinoid beauty is high. Sixty-four percent of women know that beauty and personal-care products containing cannabinoids and hemp are available, and 72 percent of those who haven’t tried a beauty product with cannabis are willing to give it a try. CBD2.0 is a prestige wellness brand developed to meet the growing demand of discerning consumers for the calming and health benefits of high-level CBD. It’s problem/solution positioning for millennials who are using CBD products for anxiety and insomnia, and baby boomers who are looking to address chronic conditions for pain management and inflammation.
We (and our board) come from a prestige skincare and consumer luxury background. We identified the need for this back in 2017, the burgeoning place for CBD as a “super-ingredient” in wellness and the nascent athleisure market. Our bet was correct — CBD2.0 went on to ink a deal with leading American ingredient supplier, Geocann, for the use of VESIsorb® in its CBD topical products.

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What is the company 
currently working on in terms of innovation and technology?

Our calming, soothing, healing face and body products and edible elixirs utilize the multi-patented VESIsorb® delivery system technology — it dramatically improves the absorption and bioavailability of our key ingredients including high-
level organic, broad-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

Where do you see CBD2.0 down the road?

CBD2.0 intends to launch a refreshing, edgy and youthful brand in Canada, targeting the Zoom economy, essential workers and telecommuters with a range of products to maximize their alertness while reducing signs of fatigue, soreness and sleep disruptions. Stay tuned for a late summer launch at leading specialty retailers and wherever CBD is sold.

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