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What’s your backstory?

BRNT started as a concept when Simon Grigenas, at the time a Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of Alberta, noticed a gap in the Canadian cannabis industry’s accessory offerings. Using his background in design, he designed the Hexagon, which is 
our flagship product on the accessory arm of the business. From that, BRNT Designs, our first brand, was born — 
the brand targeted the new legal consumer who wanted to hold an accessory line that was more aesthetically pleasing and able to fit in with your general home decor, similar to how a nice bottle of scotch is displayed on shelves in homes across Canada.

The Hexagon launch was crowdfunded and afterwards we had the first capital raise, which allowed us to expand into a further 17 SKUs across a wide variety of accessory segments including consumption (Ashtray, Hexagon bong, Prism Pipe), storage (Malua jar) and preparation (Yaketa board).

What’s the company currently working on in terms of innovation and technology?

The accessory line was the humble beginnings of the company. Since then, BRNT has strived to become one of the first brand development companies dedicated to serving the Canadian cannabis consumer as they grow in their cannabis journey. BRNT is currently working on developing brands alongside our production partners such as Valens Groworks (TSX: VLNS) and Candre Cannabis to bring new brands and cannabis consumable products to market. So far, we have launched the Made By (which are full spectrum vaporizers) and Violet Tourist brands (premium flower/large-format mini-sized cannabis pre-rolls), as well as our existing BRNT Designs accessory brand.

Our team is currently working on growing these brands in the forms of new SKUs, as well as innovating on additional brands that we can’t wait to share with customers in the near future as we work with new and existing partners on consumables product pipeline.

Where do you see BRNT 
down the road?

BRNT is only getting started here in the Canadian landscape. BRNT is dedicated to bringing new, amazing products, as well as innovating on brands. We believe that Cannabis 3.0 will be focused on brands and higher product quality and we plan on being on the forefront of that wave. In the near future, we hope to leverage our early traction in the markets we are in to expand to shelves across Canada as we continue to grow with the Canadian consumers’ tastes and desires. We look forward to unveiling a number of new products in segments we have not entered yet while we continue to expand on our success in the segments we are already in.

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