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It’s spring 2021 and I’m feeling overjoyed by the anticipation of nicer weather. If we are going to continue to be in our homes, let’s open up some windows, breathe in that fresh spring air and indulge in our latest issue on cannabis.

We are now into year two of a pandemic that has, among other things, increased stress and anxiety around the world. If you caught our winter edition of The Spark Business & Innovation Magazine about pivoting in the pandemic, we focused on the positive outcomes from doctors and innovators across Ontario who were adapting and navigating their way through COVID-19 for the betterment of health in our communities.

Much like our Winter 2020 issue, I wanted our team to focus on the positive as it pertains to the cannabis industry. Through education and innovation, we are doing our part to help break down the stigma and replace it with real human experiences. That being said, I have recently started using cannabis. It’s an admission I’ve kept to myself for fear of being negatively labelled. But I’m here to tell you that it has had a positive impact on my life, my mental health and my creativity.

“Much like our Winter 2020 issue, I wanted our team to focus on the positive as it pertains to the cannabis industry.”

I suffer from light-sleeper syndrome, which is a playful term I’ve coined. 
If a pin drops at 2 a.m., rest assured I will hear it. I was waking up on average three to four times a night, which wreaked havoc on my productivity the following day. After educating myself on the benefits of THC for sleep, I was able to make an informed decision on which edibles would be right for me. 
So, on those particularly restless weekend nights when I find I cannot sleep, 
a gummy will help my mind relax enough to get some solid rest. 

But don’t just take it from me — I encourage you to read about Véronique Lettre (on page 24) and her incredibly inspiring personal journey with medicinal cannabis. And as you read on, please have an open mind and let us guide you through cannabis education, medicinal benefits and the incredible innovation happening in this budding industry. 
Pun very much intended. 

Now, I would be remiss if I didn’t 
end this note with a disclaimer; just like anything else, cannabis can be abused. The Spark team is not trying to encourage anyone to try cannabis, we are simply trying to promote a healthy understanding about what this legal medicinal plant is, and to help break the stigma.

Happy reading! 

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