Inspired by helping women achieve their fitness and health goals, Ashley Dale Grant (@missroyallyfit) is the 37-year-old, Courtice, Ont.-based founder of Royally Fit — a fitness, health and mental wealth company that offers in-person classes, online memberships and transformational programs for women. She spoke to The Spark about her best business advice, what motivates her and the things she can’t live without.

Her business philosophy

Together with Royally Fit’s employees, Kaylie Ginn and Merideth Kahn, we want to make fitness, health and self-development uncomplicated, inclusive and fun for busy women.  This year our mantra is #WhyNotMore.

The best business advice
she’s been given.

Know when to pivot. Nothing is a failure, it’s just information

Her best piece of business advice for female entrepreneurs.

As women, we’re naturally inclined to listen to our guts and follow our intuition while creating a business, but we also need to have a solid and actionable plan in place to make our business scalable, sustainable and profitable.

Her approach to women’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We just want all women to feel badass about themselves. We want them to leave each class or finish every workout feeling more confident, to choose foods that bring them joy (not punishment) and to know their worth and value in the pursuit of it all.

Her motivation.

It has changed over the years, but now it’s my daughter who motivates me. I want her to grow up in a community of empowering women who know their worth and don’t let society and the media dictate it.

Her advice to motivate women who
want to get healthy and fit.

Find something that is fun and ask a friend to join you! Working out doesn’t have to be hitting the gym or lifting weights, it could be joining a dance class, going for a hike or jumping on a trampoline with your kid. Start with something that’s fun and build on that.

Three things she can’t live without.

Loud music, movement and hugs.
We just want all women to feel badass about themselves.

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