Ontario is full of brilliant minds. Here are three hot companies to keep your eye on.


HQ: Oshawa, Ont.
About: Prosthetics have really advanced in the last several years and high-functioning, technologically driven limbs have been created. The problem, according to SmartARM’s founder, Hamayal Choudhry, is the cost of these prosthetics — they’re unaffordable for most amputees. Choudhry and his team developed the  SmartARM — a robotic prosthetic for the hand that uses a camera embedded in the palm to recognize objects and calculate the most appropriate grips. And thanks to three-dimensional printing technology, the device can be manufactured for about US$100.


HQ: Toronto
The Company: Folks in the C-suite know that financial wellness in employees is crucial — not only is it important for overall health (it’s one of the leading causes of stress), it’s key for employee engagement, absenteeism and productivity. Poor financial wellness also increases the cost of group benefits. That’s where Benefi comes in — they’re a transformative employee benefit that allows employers to retain and empower their teams by offering a lower-cost borrowing option, which reduces borrowing costs. It promotes financial literacy, good spending habits and debt management, making it a win-win for employees and employers.


HQ: Toronto
The Company: This multi-media marketplace and online social community helps artists of all kinds (we’re talking painters and photographers to musicians and jewellery- makers) market themselves, manage their clients and inventory and even maintain payment gateways in a simple, organized way. Inkster’s intuitive backend gives these creative folks the tools they need to manage their business without spending time and energy on learning difficult technical aspects.

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